Who’s Who (Part Two)

It’s time for the conclusion!

A more inside look at the storybook characters:  “Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter,”  “A Journey Through Toxic Relationships.”  So here’s the conclusion on its topic “Who’s Who” . . . .



Arlene – Michael’s wife; and neighbor to central characters.  She’s a pretty, chocolate female with a deep black Jehri curl.  Arlene is a homebody that raises her newborn baby boy.

Aunt Ethel – Steve London’s aunt.  She and Steven live in the same apartment.  Aunt Ethel is an elderly, tough, bold, and feisty woman.  She doesn’t hesitate when speaking her mind; definitely, a straight-forward person.

Barbara – Companion to Eddie.  A meek, quiet, and homely-looking person.  When double dating with her passive personality, she fades into the background.  Barbara and Eddie are two opposites in nature.

Baylee – Mandy’s estranged husband; and father to Cindy and Fern.  A killer, violent, and a villainous man who commits murder, and pleas insanity.

Cindy – Daughter to Mandy and Baylee; a sister to Fern; and a playmate for baby China.  She discovers her mother’s death and suffers physiological effects afterwards . . .  and becomes parentless.

Dawn – Unfolds as a best/close friend to the central character.  She and the central character works at the same company.  She is a kindhearted, pious person; and remains a trustful and faithful friend.

Eddie – Best/close friend to Craig; and companion to Barbara.  Eddie is a polished and flashy dude who has an assertive disposition.  He is the total opposite of his companion Barbara.

Fern – The daughter of Mandy and Baylee; sister to Cindy; and a playmate for baby China.  Along with her sister, she too becomes parentless.

Greg – Unfolds as a friend of Linc and Peaches; second male companion for the central character.  Their first encounter is brief.  But when reconnecting, they engage in a more lasting relationship.

Linc – Linc is the husband to Peaches; close friend of Greg; and father of two children.  Linc likes to entertain socially and musically.  He is a talented and skilled guitar player.  He and Marcus are musician rivals.

Joey – He is the companion to Mandy; and a married man.  Although married, Joey and Mandy has a long-termed intimate relationship.

Mandy – Unfolds as a close friend and neighbor to the central character.  She’s the wife of Baylee and mother to Fern and Cindy; and a companion of Joey.  With her jovial mood, Mandy is a warm, caring, and kind mother.  Although estranged from her husband, Mandy has a long-termed relationship with Joey.

Michael – Husband to Arlene; fathered his wife’s baby boy; and a neighbor to central characters.  He is light-skinned with a bad case of acne.  Michael spends his time working on cars.

Peaches – Linc’s wife; the mother of two.  She and the central character works at the same company.  She establishes a close relationship with the central character and remains tight-knit.   She is a hospitable individual and likes to entertain socially.  Ultimately, her friend relationship with the central character becomes unsalvageable.

Shelia – Unfolds as the best/close friend/and schoolmate buddy of baby China.  The two are primarily inseparable.  Shelia is an only child.

Steven London – Unfolds as the fifth male companion for the central character; and cousin to Frank.  He has a physical impairment ─ two missing fingers.  Steven lives with his aunt Ethel.  He’s impetuous in nature; an untrustworthy and cowardly person.

The waitress – Unfolds as the worker at a restaurant; and one of the women involved with Johnny, Sr.

Vernita – Unfolds as a best/close friend to the central character.  She and the central character works at the same company.  Vernita is one of the managers at the firm.  She is a former military person.  The two form a close relationship from their initial meet.  Overall, she is a true friend with a warm and caring heart.

Wilson Burton – The fourth male companion for the  central character; and a married man who proclaims to be separated.  He and the central character works at the same company.  His speech impairment surfaces when he stutters.  His pretentious nature evolves when interacting with baby China; and he’s proven as a chronic liar.  And it’s not long before his deceitful ways get exposed.



                                                                                                    PROFESSIONAL STAFF


Dr. Hacker – A hospital gynecologist.  Dr. Hacker is a caring physician.  She shows her sensitive side when performing the biopsy on baby China.

Dr. Jose – The primary oncologist for baby China.  A nurturing and respected specialist with excellent medical skills.  Dr. Jose is a sensitive, understanding, and trustworthy person.  He adores baby China and considers her as one of his favorite patients.

Dr. Kumar – A primary physician for the central character; and the doctor who re-exams baby China after her initial discharge from the hospital.

Dr. Willis – A hospital physician that will consult and treat baby China for a bone marrow transplant.

Joyce – She is an oncology nurse; emotionally stabled; caring; and has an abundance of patience.  She is one of the nurses who administer baby China’s medical treatments.

LaTris – The head nurse of oncology; emotionally stable and a good natured person.  LaTris oversees baby China’s treatments and participates in administering the medications as well.

The Judge – She resides over the court proceedings between the central character and the antagonist.

The Nurse – Employed at South Suburban Hospital; she stays with baby China in those precious moments to comfort and nurture her.




Emily Burson− She’s the workplace villain; a nosy, busy body; and a treacherous person.  She and the central character works at the same company.  Emily is one of the managers at the firm.  She is one inhumane, cruel, and callous individual, with wicked and evil ways.  In the workplace, she’s known for poking her nose where it doesn’t belong.  Overall, Emily is bestial in nature.  Her malicious action proves she’s a diabolic and fiendish character.




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