Tips . . . on Relationships

Just a few warning tips for recognizing “Unhealthy Relationships:”

  • Overly jealous and dominating. All the time needing to check in with you.

And he/she is expecting things to always go their way.


  • Wastes no time getting involved in a serious relationship with you. You definitely need to run away from this one.


  • Little or no respect for women. Has warp ideas about the role of a woman.


  • Mentally and physically abusive. Not only does he puts his/her hands on you, he/she enjoys cutting you down with their unhealthy words (a lash of the tongue).


  • Split personality. Portrays shift in mood swings . . . goes from high to low.


  • Places blame on others. Unwilling to accept blame for whatever he/she does. It’s always your fault or someone else’s.


  • Self-esteem diminishes. As long as you two are together, you feel inadequate about yourself.


  • Takes control of your time.  He/she is demanding of who you’re hanging out with (e.g., family/friends/co-workers).


  • Very egoistic. Everything is always about them. Uncaring of others (include yourself) how they feel and their thoughts.  He/she is always right in whatever they do.  It’s all about them!


  • Apologetic after exploding episodes. He/she goes off on the deep end then expects forgiveness . . . that it’ll not happen again.

If any of these signs surface during your togetherness, you’ll need to rethink the relationship.  And move on for healthy reasons (if nothing else)!

You should know, I’m not proclaiming to be an expert on the topic, I’ve just learned a bit from my journey.  Everyday life brings new lessons, and it is those experiences that will walk us through another day.  Take the joy and embrace every moment of every day as a new experience.

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