Toxic Takes a Front Seat


With all the toxic activities that have found a home in our environment, I’m compelled to stay on the subject of “Toxicity.”  So once again, toxic takes a front seat on my blog.


Toxic relationships appear wearing more than one mask: 1) the two of you have nothing at all in common (no compatibility), and 2) one party is just way too damaging and tainted in character.

Check out these  few “red flags” that may cause a light to flicker.  So run, run as fast as you can . . .  Find a safe haven and get the heck out of there!


  • Negativity is his/her game: Does your partner always have something negative to say about life and/or situations?  Whereas, you feel as though he/she is draining your energy.  There is never a good day or kind word inside the relationship.


  • Jealous lover: Does your partner feel you’re not spending enough time with them (friends and/or others are absorbing all of your time) and accuses you of having outside affairs?


  • A dragger: Does your partner always insult and/or criticize you by frequent name calling, particularly in front of others, (e.g., you’re stupid, dumb, etc.)?  Frequently, tells you how your thought process never matches up to theirs.


  • Cheating partner: Does your partner always have an excuse why they have to go out or have to stay at work late (frequently)?  Have you ever caught them cheating once in life . . . and gives the excuse “never again will that happen.”   Don’t believe their lying tongue ‘cause once a cheater always a cheater.


  • Lying partner: Have you ever questioned your partner on a particular situation and they lied about it?  And you know it to be a straight out lie.  They’ll look you dead in the face and still tell a bald faced lie.  With you knowing they are lying, they don’t even blink an eye.


  • Abusive partner:  Has your partner ever raised their hand to you?  Does your partner abuse your children by beating them, or get off by using them as slave drivers (working them uncontrollably)? Remember:  abusiveness doesn’t have to be physical, it’s verbal as well.


  • A Manipulator/Controller: Does your partner always have to have the last word?  Does your partner control who you speak or socialize with? Does your partner have to listen in on your calls, but when he/she receive calls doesn’t want you in their midst?  Do they tell you (in front of the children) you have no discipline power  . . . just them?.

If you like what you’re reading, invite you to return.  Please spread the word this toxicity comes in all forms . . .

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