Our Heroes

I salute all those heroes who have lost their life in the fight for survival (rather it’s the struggle from a disease, the battlefield, or a crazed individual). Your journey here on Earth shall forever be remembered.  Knowingly, your presence was our special gift from God.

I may not have met each of your personally, but I know you were a true trooper.  You (and all your beauty) has left us with many precious memories . . . memories that are everlasting.  Having lost you was certainly hard for anyone of your loved ones to endure.

As parents, spouses, aunts and uncles, siblings, and friends, just know that we miss you – we love – and we will never forget the warmth of your presence. And it is that afterlife that we can rejoice . . . when we become reunited!

May the Angels continue to watch over (us all) as we sleep.  Sleep with the Angels my love, Sleep with the Angels!


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