The Attacker . . . Cancer

What is it you want to say to #cancer victims?  (Eight tools for victims)


1) When you have a relationship with those foreign invaders, they may be full of surprises and most scary.  But they are not undefeatable.

2) True, the battle is on; yet, the war has not been won.

3a) As fighters, you are the ‘true’ heroes.  So without an abundance of words to say, just know that we feel you, we hear you, we understand and value you.  3b) Cancer is a journey, but you don’t walk that road alone.  Remember you’re never, ever unguarded.  Your battle becomes ours.

4) Regardless whether it’s your doctor’s appointments, treatment sessions, or running errands, rest assured there’s no need to go it alone.  We caregivers are there to be that second pair of ears, take notes, or perform whatever capacity and the supportive role you may need.

5) We can’t pretend to know the level of effect this may bring or may caused you – stressfully and mentally.  But through the journey, just know you’ll be provided with emotional and physical support; along with unconditional love.

6) When the emotions arise, don’t be afraid to release your fears, anger, depression, or rage ─ about those foreigners inside you.  And know your need to be alone shall always be embraced.

7) As we bond together in unity, so shall it be that your relationship with this disease is strengthened through the grace of the almighty God.

8) And know it is the destinies that enrich your fight in accordance to His word

Writing the book, “Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter” has clearly helped me to understand this type of journey.  So I hope this information gives comfort to all those who are affected by this relationship.

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