Not a Blueprint . . . A Journey through Toxic . . .

Book Titled: Not a Blueprint / It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter
Subtitle: A Journey Through Toxic Relationships

Have you read the story about my journey? Well, it’s inside the pages of my book. Yep, that my personalized journey! And we all will take a journey ride in this lifetime. Some of us may take that ride and never come back. But when you can make it, though, that speaks to volume!

No, it wasn’t easy writing the message and telling the story so you may readily follow my shoe prints. There were many areas that were so very painful and depressing, to revisit. Yet, I went there, just to let you (the reader) know life can be a total mess.
I see it as: “Life is so full of stuff (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Guess thou, it’s what LIFE throws at us . . . obstacles, challenges, hardships, struggles, and achievements through the journey (particularly, those of us that make it through).

If you’re read the story, I hope you’ve gained an insight into what life can throw at you. Now, I hope you will take the time to give your online review(s). Even if it’s a one-liner, that too means a lot. Truly, I appreciate and thank you so much for purchasing and reading.
For those that have not gotten a chance to purchase (or read) the story, please do! I think you too may find it interesting and enlightening. You, yourself, may not have experienced the journey. But, someone you know may have walked those shoe prints. It’ll give an insight to where life can take a person.
Remember, Life can be so full of stuff, with its goodness, its badness, and its ugliness!

And did you know? This book is ready for “Book Club” readings. There is well over twenty questions that can make for a heck of a discussion. If you’re interested in those questions, for a particular Book Club, just contact me or my publisher.

Here’s another piece of great news: In speaking with my publisher, this book will soon be converted into an audio format. How sweet is that?

Stay beautiful my Readers! And thanks for stopping by to see what’s buzzing . . .

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