My Story, My Journey:

Oh my goodness, my #journey through toxic relationships was so horrible ─ it almost killed me. I just don’t know! Don’t know . . . how I could have made it through. Yes, I do! HE brought me out of the darkness into the light.

Oh my goodness, my journey through those tainted #relationships was so horrifying. They almost took me up out of here. Is life supposed to be like that? I guess it is because it’s what you make it. Or had I brought that on myself? I have to wonder. And whatever happened through my journey, it taught me many lessons, for the future. I don’t know how I made it through. Yes, I do! I know how.

HE has opened many doors, knocked down many road blocks, and moved many mountains. Our Father brought me from the darkness to the light. And I can see my way now, to where the light illuminates. And just think I had said NEVER shall I forgive the journey that I walked. Forgive me for that thought. I have to now retract those words. I have to retract them ‘cause HE never gave up on me, although I’d given up on HIM.

Oh my goodness, life (L I F E) has a way of making us look back ─ on our pass. And bringing us hope ─ for our future. So don’t ever say NEVER because you too may have to retract those words. And for that I’ve walked the journey, a life lesson ─ I’ve learned. And I’m grateful.

Oh my goodness, the journey that I’ve walked with those toxic, tainted, damaging, harmful relationships, was horrible. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I really wouldn’t!
I don’t know how I made it through. I mean, it almost took me up out of here. It almost killed me!

Matter of fact, it broke me down. And I mean literally broke me down. I don’t know . . . life has a strange way of putting you through, all kind of stuff (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Life is so full of stuff.

Understand if you read my book; just know its message is my personal journey. You will be reading the inside pages of a dairy from my journal. That’s about my struggles, my challenges, my missions, and how I made it through. We all have personal journeys but just know this was mine. I can only speak to what I’ve been through.

For some. it may help and for others. For others, I’m sure there are some out there that have walked this journey, or a similar one ─ and can embrace it to the utmost. So, it may be considered a self- help or not a self-help. All in all, it is my personal journey and how I made it through. And that is what was so amazing and so powerful.

How can you give up on life or just give up on everything? But still come through it all ─ to see daylight.
It is not a miracle, it is LIFE, and through HIM all things are possible.

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