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There is still time to enter the ‪#‎giveaway‬ drawing to win a copy of my book. Just go over to Goodreads.com and enter the drawing. There will be 2 copies available and already we have 148 people entered in this drawing. For now, it’s still going on with only five days left. This is how it looks over at Goodreads:

Not a Blueprint by Nina Norstrom Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints That Matter: A Journey Through Toxic Relationships
by Nina Norstrom (Goodreads Author)
Release date: Apr 05, 2016
Allowing us to learn lessons, let go of toxicity, and gain insight, relationship can play a powerful role in our lives. They are formed with people, alcohol, animals, battlefields, diseases, drugs, environments, and even our emotions. Whether toxic or nontoxic, relationships are an integral component of daily living. Author Nina Norstrom lost her child to a disease, but that wasn’t the only toxic relationship she endured. In this book, she explores the effects that her relationships with grief, pain, trauma, and forgiveness have had on her life. This tale exposes a mother’s struggle to escape her world of toxicity, her journey out of the clutches of diseased relationships, and the shoe prints the experiences have left on her family’s history. This story in its raw form projects a remarkable voice to the heroic fight, courage, and bravery gained when striking back to wipe out toxic relationships. Its message reveals that life brings many challenges and that each challenge provides lessons to be learned. This book is not intended to be a blueprint for dealing with diseased relationships. It’s about the shoe prints: those symbols of life’s journey that are left by our experiences. “Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter” is an insightful and inspiring personal story of one family’s journey through toxic relationships. (less)
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