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Well, I’m been pretty busy with preparing for my #Book Launch.  Recently, we’ve posted the announcement on the Event’s Menu page.  If you’ve not seen it,

please drop on over and check it out.  It will provide you with all necessary particulars . . . the when, the where, and the time details.

When I decided to reveal the story, didn’t realize how much energy goes into its preparations of “Book Launching.”   Yet, it is all part of the “author’s processes.”

With all that work involved, I do hope you can take time out of your busy schedules to drop in on us that day and mingle. Do mark your calendars!   The event is

scheduled for April 9th . . .   Of course, I will be reading an excerpt or two from the book.  Haven’t decided which one(s) as yet but it’s all good though.  I still have

time to decide.  Yep, I’m a little nervous and a bit excited about what’s coming down the tube.


For so long, I’ve always been and lived a rather quiet life.  Not caring to share what goes on in my personal lifestyle.  But that is all about to unfold behind the

pages of my upcoming book.  I know there are so many of us out there that how stepped inside that “toxic world” . . . while doing toxic things.  And I’m guilty of

living that life, but know I don’t walk alone.


Now, when it comes time for you to read the book, sit back, relax, and enjoy!    However, please don’t  expect to be told every single detail ‘cause it’s been one

roller-coaster adventure.  Of course, it’s not an easy tale to expose, a great deal has happened ─ ranging from those teen years all the way through adulthood.

My experiences will unfold as you trail along.  Before you travel down the trail to discover where I’ve come from; where I’ve been; or what I’ve been through;

and where I’m at in the present, there is one thing for sure.  It’s about storytelling . . .


Storytelling, the heart of all! Factual or fictional, it’s where every tale originates. This is ones’ venue to express:  What you want to; about whom you want; and

how you’d want to tell it.  Whether it’s to entertain, to teach, to inform, to persuade, or to explain, writing period is not an easy task.  There is an abundance of

thought processes and work that goes into having a finished product.  Anyhow it’s another avenue to release built up energy, rather than bursting wide-open.

Writing about one’s miracles, their grief, their pain, and their trauma can be oh so therapeutic.  With every journey, there are good or bad experiences to

embrace.  Each day our lives are full of personal and memorable relationships.  Someone’s story becomes another person’s journey.

And #journeys, we all have them!

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