The Book

Well, copies of the book now available via online purchase from these retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Writelife Publishing. Here’s a bit about

what’s to be expecting from its reading . . .

Just hang in there with me and know: it has hall been a therapeutic journey for coming full circle!

In flipping through the pages, it’s tale will be spiritually inspiring and enlightening. there’s a measure of ingredients for all: men and women; young

teens-adults-to the elderly. This story exposes one’s family relationship with life and how they deal with embracing their journey. Having traveled that

journey much has been gained by embracing the words of Oprah Winfrey. Even though it’s not her exact quote, the substance is the same: “Your life service

has meaning . . . enabling to give back that what’s been given to you.” In essence, whenever there’s a bestowal of divine gifts, pass them on!

The story weaves lies with love, betrayal with deception, and drama with murder while teaching the ultimate meaning of relationships that are built on honesty

and compassion That’s the bridge for this journey builds for its readers.

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