Thinking Back . . .”Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter”

It hasn’t been a very easy task writing the pieces of this #journey. Each time I sat down to put it on paper (in storybook form), those emotions of mine were all over the place. From the start, my publisher and I scheduled the story for a release period of October 2014. With so many traumatic memories erupting, I just couldn’t, I just couldn’t seem to pull it all together, to meet that dateline.

Excuses, after excuses, kept me from facing the reality that as I typed each word, each line, each paragraph, or even each chapter, I’d have to recall and relive that horrible pain buried inside, during its process. Then too was I really ready to expose myself so deeply to others. That deep, dark world and the hole I once lived in (many years) would inevitability become an open book, for all to judge.

Remember now, what I’ve written early-on was only in journal form. So in the process, I had to develop the different parts of telling the story:

How will the beginning kick off, what goes in the middle, and how shall it end?
Where will the story take place? Who are the cast of #characters, and how will they be introduced (especially, the main character), define their roles, and creatively describe the various scenes?

During the draft process, I need not worry about the inconsistency of characterization, the scenes which didn’t really fit, and the many holes dumped alongside the plots or the shift in grammar tense.

I just needed to jot out the story on paper. And wait for the editor’s feedback.

Stay tuned more coming . . .

2 comments on “Thinking Back . . .”Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter”

    1. Hi Retta:

      I see you read my post. And yes, you are so right . . . “Luckily it doesn’t matter.” We all must take a journey and hopefully can return to talk about. You know, some of us will take the journey but never to return. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Guess, that’s all part of living, huh? Well, do come again!

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