My Angel from Heaven

I’ll loan to you one of my Heavenly Little Angels
As she lives among your presence, nurture, love, protect and embrace her being
Under NO circumstances, must she be misused.

When I bring her back home, it is then shall you weep and mourn her loss
It’s not certain how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years,
I’ll leave her in your care
But know once it’s her time to be reborn, WE must be rejoined.

When she comes to you, she will possess those heavenly gifts. And that shall please you well
When she’s gone from the body and soul, I shall gift to you the memory of her presence and all that she possessed.

And know with that gift it shall leave you with everlasting, peace, love, comfort, and solace
So remember in the days of your grief, she’s never been yours to keep
For all my Heavenly Little Angels, when I send them, they’re not there for keeps.

I loan them to you all for a special reason. There on Earth so much has gone awry
And it is through her, you shall acquire that knowledge to find your way
Sometimes, it’s taken a vast of years to find my Little Angels their mother’s place
I’ve looked right, I’ve looked left, I’ve looked high, and I’ve looked low in search of many.

I’ve loaned her especially to YOU for the warmth of motherly love you possess
Now, I challenge you to give her a name, and all the love, hugs, and kisses you have to shower
Just don’t deny her when I call her to that final resting place.

Any day or time I’ll send down my Guardian Angel to place those wings upon her shoulders
Now, should you grieve, remain brave and stand strong from all she’s shown you
With an understanding, NEVER was she yours to keep.

In your sorrow, do not question ME why she’s gone
Just know all my Heavenly Little Angels I give them to you all on loan.

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