Hello Fellow Readers:

Time to clean house . . .

Soon it will be a New Year. There are many ‪#‎NO‬ DOERS out there and we know them well. They will come knocking at our door . . . for this or that. Some may even

have the nerve to pick up the phone and give us their sob pitty pat story.

Don’t let them dump their baggage in your lap and go away free as a bird . . . while you’re left holding all their baggage with some of yours. Nip it, nip it in

the bud. What you need to do . . . Shift that garbage right back their way.

‘Tis a New Year arising, and everyone must carry their own baggage.

Of course, no one is baggage free. So why should they be!

Happy Holidays, and May you continue to prosper . . .

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