Hostile Workplace . . . The Cure

Unless, we’re #owners of a company, we can’t pick our employees. And within the group, there’s bound to be someone bearing the venom of toxicity. Be assured! So can one survive? Yes, survival is possible in a toxic work environment. One can become very successful at it. Knowledge is power! With the right tools, toxins will clearly stay off the BEATEN path.

But just in case the #toxins spew its vapors (in one’s direction), here are a few simple “cure” techniques:

• Exit and Get the heck out of there
─ a toxic person is contagious
─ there’s the risk of becoming contaminated

• Ignore, Ignore, Ignore
─ learn to tune out the snake with their venom
─ do not play a part in their show

• Maintain Professionalism
─ keep character intact
─ the positive outweighs the negative
─ limits being sucked in

• Establish Boundaries
─ take control
─ at all cost limit communication

• Stay in Control of One’s Emotions
─ less chance of stealing one’s joy

• Strong Immune System
─ self esteem build up
─ helps to become the bigger of the two

• Keep a Positive Mindset
─ it’s hard to knock a positive
─ filters through to others

• Don’t take Personal
─ toxic people need serious help
─ don’t take ownership of one’s issue

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