Latest Update (Baby, i.e., the Manuscript)

Great news everyone!

Baby’s recent surgery by the specialists (i.e., proofreaders and typesetters) was successful.  So the little #fetus is fully developed now; and has been transported to the delivery room (i.e., printer’s row).  During the delivery phase, here is where specialists will remove that slimy mucus-like covering (i.e., vernix caseosa), from baby.  Some may know it best as: “that white, creamy (cheese-like) protective shield which coated the skin of the fetus/newborn, formed during last trimester.”  In any case (the good news), it won’t be long before we hear the paddle of baby’s little feet . . . waddling out into this dark grim (i.e., #toxic) world.  Coming Spring 2016!

Stay tuned . . .

Per chance you can’t wait to see baby in 2016, its pre-order for viewing will be scheduled soon!  Then I’ll let you know the hospitals (i.e., website locations), where you can grab baby in your hands.

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