My Baby . . . A Bundle of Joy

Another update:

The ‪#‎Baby‬ (i.e., my manuscript).

Well, it has finally developed into ‪#‎book‬ style . . . I had a chance to see it growing inside. The ultrasound showed: new cover, new interior and new back cover.

Yep, I thought I was having twins, at one time. But according to the doctor’s (i.e., publisher’s) recent report, I’m only having one child. I recently had my last pregnancy exam with the specialist (i.e., editor), it wasn’t bad at all. Yippee, yahoo! The results showed there were just a few minor deficiencies that needed attention. So it has gone back into the hands of the other specialists (i.e., typesetters). I’m hopeful this will be the last and finally go around for this phase.
It’s not over yet, though, there is a surgical procedure I’ll have to endure next. And that operation will come from the specialist of marketing. So you see, we still got quite a few miles to travel before the baby arrives. But if we continue to stay on target with all the processes, the expected delivery date for my bundle of joy is April 7, 2016. And yes, I’ve already gotten a name picked out for my little bundle of joy. I’m so excited to be having this NEW baby and I’m sure baby will be a blessing to you all as well.

And once I made that delivery, perhaps, I could expect to give birth to my second child. . . later during the year.

I’ll keep you posted.

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