The Writer

As an author, ‪#‎writing‬ is a fun activity and craft.
There is a story inside all of us. Anyone can be a writer. There are no special requirements . . . No Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PHD Degree.
It’s just that easy . . . There’s nothing difficult about the task.
So start sharing your story.

If you’ve gone to school and learned how to read and write, then I’d say you are a writer. So what are you waiting for? The ingredients you’ll need . . .
Pen, paper, energy, and an idea then you’re on your way to a writing journey.
Gather up those school reports, crusty ideas you jotted down on paper 10-20 years ago. Dive into the work and stay at it.
After completion . . . the story might suck but what the heck, it’s still a ‪#‎book‬.

See how easy that was?

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