You Get What You Paid For

Originally posted on The Author’s Club Blog:

Two years ago, an author friend recommended that I:

1)  Read “Fiction Writer’s Workshop” by Josip Novakovich

2)  Read “Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint” by Nancy Kress

3)  Read books of my genre to see how other authors are writing.

Not wanting to spend money on all the books I planned to read, I joined BookBub and ReadCheaply, and downloaded free books to my Kindle.  Approximately 390 books later (I’ve read perhaps half of the downloads), I have a few observations to report.

I haven’t spent much money on my reading materials.  I purchased “Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint” because the font in the book was too small, and my Kindle has adjustable font.  At an average cost of $3.00 per book, I have saved over $1000.

However, there is a trade off.

Free books are generally offered to jump start the book review process.  Books with few or no reviews are…

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