A Toxic World

Stop The Violence! You care nothing about a life. . . then take your own. And leave ours alone.

Spanish =

Detener la violencia. No te importa nada acerca de una vida… luego tomar tu propia. Y nuestra paz.

2 comments on “A Toxic World

    1. Hello Maverick:

      I see you read my post, and so glad you’ve found it interesting. Well, thanks for the feedback. Really, I’ve not always been such a positive person. But having walked the journey through a life of toxicity has made me stronger, wiser, and healthier. Letting go of all that toxicity has even helped my mind to think clearer. Guess, that’s why it’s so easy for me.

      Do come again, and hope you’ve enjoyed the music while visiting my site! Take care . . .

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