Editor’s Update

Re:  Progress or Non-Progress Report that is the Question (?)

The inside scoop as it relates to my manuscript:  The story is non-fiction; and a tale about my journey.  And what a journey that was!!!!!!!

Editor wants me to tap into my last job worked; descriptively outlined (i.e., where I’ve worked; my day-to-day responsibilities; my ex-colleagues; and any physical aspects of the job environment.)  It’s been spoken:  If I don’t, I’m frustrating my readers; and need to scrap scene written during a specific work period.  Hmmm (that’s my thinking on it)!  True, in the story, I don’t elect to talk about that crazy ass/hellish place. My traumatic experience has become very sensitive (mentally; emotionally; physically) medically death mental to well being. There are aspects (on job period) I’ll open to readers; e.g., where I’ve been and where I’m at; and maybe even how I dealt w/it.  And tap into a period that actually happened on-that- job day; describing a scene or too; that which makes me comfortable in speaking. Still don’t want to elaborate on being descriptively job detailed (in what editor is looking for).

It’s just so much I can insert here so long story short . . .

 Solution I’m thinking on:  In the “Intro Portion” share w/reader that certain job related activities were very traumatic and will not be exposed and/or descriptively detailed for sensitive reasons (mentally; emotionally; and physically).  It’s with understanding that reader embraces this part of the journey.   Anyhow, haven’t thought out the “exact” text to insert.  Nonetheless, it’s where I’m leaning to present an explanation.  And that’s how I plan to cover that part for the readers’ sake; and mine.  Early on, I let you know I’d keep up update on progress of working w/editor.  So for now, this is the road block; all-in-all we’ll smooth it out (I’m sure).

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