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Welcome to my webpage! I had this site created especially for you. It’s a way we can stay in touch. Hope you’re planning on taking an opportunity to read my book: Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter, “A Journey Through Toxic Relationships.” If you’ve read the story already, I thank you and appreciate your support. If not, please do so. I’m sure you’ll find it to be a vessel of information.

One of the reasons, this story was written in hope others will be educated and enlightened on healthy relationships. In knowing the valuable tools to find a level of comfort, strength, and courage, there is no journey too stormy to weather. Regardless of the toxic relationship, God gives us strong shoes to walk through the heavy, rough patches!

Southern Writers Magazine; July/August issue
Southern Writers Magazine; July/August issue

Straight talk . . .

If you were to ask me, what is meant by toxic relationships? And I only could answer in one sentence . . .

I would clearly define it as: “A connected interaction that is detrimental to one’s life and existence.”

Now, you’d want me to clarify it more than a simple one liner, so then I’d say. . .

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be people-related to be in the realm of toxic relationship. A toxic relationship may occur when: 1) elements of any sort bring the effect of unhealthy actions into one’s circle; 2) a relationship that’s seemingly draining and harmful; or one that is damaging within interactions; 3) a connection that becomes a dangerous interaction; OR 4) to bring about a poisonous effect in one’s well-being.”

Am sure you are aware . . .

Anyone of our shoe prints may encounter a whirlwind of toxic relationships. When that happens, it becomes a constant battle to balance life, living in a non-toxic environment. If you know of others who will be nourished and empowered from the story, do encourage its reading.

sunshineThe pages behind the menus, I feel, you’ll find helpful in learning about Nina’s website. If you can think of something beneficial to add to my site, please share with me. May your day continue to shine brightly!

Life itself is a journey, not a destiny.